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Wings and Things


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Lenny didn't notice them until Rachel did. 

His back was sore and the muscles felt tight, but it was easy to ignore as anxiety pains or sleeping wrong or a hundred other things.

And then Rachel yelled about blood and it all went to hell from there.

So here he was, sitting in the bathroom, bare from the waist up and self conscious down to his toes, as Rachel ran a wet towel along his shoulders and tailbone. 

Wings and a tail... Both fleshy and soft and red with blood. The tail was only a couple inches long, but Lenny could feel it curl as he sat. And the wings were so little, and so sensitive, with even the slightest touch making him feel like he was being scrubbed with sandpaper. 

At least they were easy to hide.


They were not easy to hide. 

Lenny spent all day shifting on his seat, boiling under a sweatshirt, while his wings and tail-god, he had wings and a tail-twitched and curled and felt like they were on fire

Basil, classic nosy rich kid that he was, obviously noticed and touched his back in the hallway. Lenny dropped like a stone, pain shooting out into every possible branch of his spine and nerves and oh God, I'm gonna die-and then there was nothing.


*It's hard for me to write full stories without planning and serious dedication, so most are gonna be blurbs or ideas. This is one such idea. Anything related to this idea will be posted here.*

**Sidenote; this is a boarding school, Lenny is a trans man, Rachel is his roommate and friend, and Basil is also his friend despite how much eh protests otherwise. They have another friend, Asura, that hasn't appeared yet. I may also change the style.**


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I added more to the story since I last wrote for it, so this is a very basic overview.

1. This is more the equivalent of a magic college rather than a boarding school. I felt it gives the characters some more freedom.

2. I'll be writing in either second or first person. Depends on my mood and what I wanna do for a piece.

3. Another character is being added: Sunshine or just Sunny. They're an AMAB nonbinary person and the Chosen One (no big deal).

4. Everyone knows magic exists. Some people have it, some people don't, and magical creatures are just hazards to deal with (if need be). 

That's all for now, everything else would be spoiling, so let's see if I can get around to writing it.

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I hate prophecies. 

They feel too much like dead people trying to figure out what the future's gonna be and making it harder for the rest of us. Why are we listening to dead people anyway? They don't know anything, they're dead.

But the words feel like holding hot coals; too painful to keep but nowhere to go.

When the Chosen has returned,

When a dragon is reborn, 

Herald the new era, the dead one shall burn

The beast shall be slain, rend and shorn.

The dragon comes back. The dragon will be killed.

My wings twitch and flutter, my tail lashes, but I can't let go of the coals. My horns hurt and my head feels foggy.

There's so much pressure, I'm all cracking up like an overflowing glass jar sealed too tight. There's something warm running down my hands, what was I holding? Was I holding anything at all?

...Am I gonna die?

Someone's yelling, but it feels far away, there's a ringing and it's drowning it out. Where's the ringing coming from? 

Everything feels too hot and too cold and it's prickling and I can't breathe, why can't I breathe I can't breathe I can't breathe helphelphelphelpme-

Rockabye Baby!

The air comes back. My ears pop. The colors flash and then go dark and then come back softer, and I feel like I'm floaty. I feel sleepy, and weightless, but I can feel someone holding me. 

They've got an arm under my thighs, another looped under my wings, and they're so soft. I'm not all there, I can feel it, but it's not too bad. My hands clench on their sweater? It feels like a sweater. It's got these fancy braids and it's too soft to be yarn. Cashmere, maybe. 

At least it's comfy. I don't notice when I fall asleep.

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Basic overview of the spell system;

1. Words in bold and italics are spells. They have some weight.

2. A lot of people carry wands. They're not necessary, but they help with directing a spell by pointing at a specific target. You can learn to use magic without one, it's just harder.

3. The main thing is intent. You can say basically anything, but that doesn't mean it'll do what it says if your intent is something different. You could say "Shut up" but your intent could be "Go away," so the spell will then jettison them out of the room. "Rockabye baby" is a song name, but the intent behind the spell is "Calm down." Anywho, that'd enough info dumping for tonight.

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On 5/29/2022 at 1:36 PM, Sol said:

Very interesting start. Good luck with developing this. I hadn't looked this far into the forums here for a while. I will now if you are going to keep developing the story.



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Updating again because I'm usually never satisfied with how the story starts, and the end product is gonna be very far from the original. 


1. Sunny gets to be the dragon. You know the twist, the characters don't, do you guys can all be in on the drama. Lenny gets to do something else :)

2. Lenny's character is getting a revamp in the personality department. No, I will not tell you what.

3. Basil is Lenny's new roommate, while Sunny, Asura, and Rachel are all roommates. They all hang out a lot though, so at this point it doesn't matter much.

4. Spells will also be getting a revamp. As much as I love Rainbow Rowell and her Carry On trilogy, I don't want to rip off her spell system. I'll figure out the exact mechanics at a later date.

That should be it for now, but something will probably be different in a day or two.

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"You can't keep getting into fights with Lenny." I'm getting sick of this, and it's gotta show on my face because Basil has the good grace to look ashamed. Better than nothing with him, anyway.

"We didn't fight." I stop putting bruise cream over a nasty shiner to hit him upside the head. Not hard enough to hurt, just to feel it. Show him what happens when he snaps at me like that.

"And what was it? A beatdown?" I'm getting angry now, and I have the smallest inkling to hit him harder. I don't, but the idea is a little tempting.

"No," he huffs, and he's got his bottom lip pushed forward in a pout, "we had a disagreement."

I have to scoff, but I don't say anything else. 

"Over what? Hair care? Tennis?"

"No." He doesn't elaborate, and I don't ask. I'm tired to pulling his fangs today. My anger's draining out, and I just feel really worn out.

I finish putting bruise cream over his eye in silence, and he looks as worn out as I feel.

"Just... try to figure it out." I put my hand on his shoulder, squeeze it for a second, and let go. Best to let them figure it out.

I don't want any part in it.

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So in the last entry Basil and Lenny had a fight that escalated to physical violence. Both of them have big personalities, quick tempers, and are in a confined space with each other. And as Sunny says, this has happened before.

It doesn't excuse either of their actions, but I'll be tackling this later, especially because that's a part I want to plan out more. It's a big step I have planned for their relationship going forward. 

So stayed tuned while I get off mobile and get my computer set up, and then; it's planning time.

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I was hit with a fit of inspiration, so things are being changed again! 

All five characters are going to stay the same, but I'm actually making them all much younger, around thirteen or so. That's because I have a new idea that involves a new character.

You'll meet him in the next piece, and his role.

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Hey, there's a hundred views on this! Heck!

Well I'm glad people are interested enough in the super lackluster title to look at it.

Felt that this was a warning to out here;

My brain is incapable of focusing on one thing for a long period of time, especially when it comes to writing. Which is why I have four different works on here that are updated very sporadically, cause my brain goes in a different direction everyday. I also mentioned already that I change stories a lot from when I start them, and that'll hold true for basically everything unless I've somehow miraculously went through that stage before posting. 

That being said, my computer is set up, I can't promise an update for any other time besides "soon." I'll also still be writing that Basil and Lenny piece because it still happens, they're just younger and the circumstances are different.

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    • Betty K
      I think there is one (and probably only one) way to positively view the Cass Review: it collects all the most powerful weapons of the “gender critical” movement into one convenient repository, at least as regards gender-affirming care. To me, it’s like a crash course in how to fight GC ideology and advocate for trans kids. I am seeing it as my doctorate in the topic.
    • Vidanjali
      That's great. I hope it's a peaceful time of renewal for you.
    • VickySGV
      They have done so already I am afraid.  Nothing new really, but Cass included views of our home brewed bigots to create this. 
    • Adrianna Danielle
      Met up with a teacher I had back in high school and went good.Was 27 years ago I last saw her after I graduated.Walked into her classroom and we hugged calling me Adrianna.Remembered seeing me as male seeing I was holding something in.Told her I am much happier now and said she noticed it now.Even said seen me as an 18 year old and now as a 45 year old transwoman.Did get to walk down the halls bringing back lots of memories too.Ran into another teacher I had too.She said I changed big time.Told her I go as Adrianna now,transgender on the hormones.Also said she noticed I was unhappy at times and I am much happier now.I did take a picture with both of these two
    • KathyLauren
      Hi, Kayla.   Another Bluenoser!  (Actually, I'm not a real one.  I am a CFA.)    I can't answer your question about the effects of spiro alone.  I started on spiro and estrogen at the same time.  I expect that spiro alone might relieve some dysphoria symptoms, but would not start any physical changes.  But that is just a guess.  The big thing with spiro is to drink enough water, since it is a powerful diuretic.   I started out getting my transition care from the Halifax Sexual Health Centre, but once my hormone regime was stable, I asked my GP if she would be comfortable taking over my prescription.  She was, so I no longer have to do the long commute into the city.   Regards, Kathy
    • MirandaB
      I can't answer your question since my doc's plan didn't start that way, but I do love to quote what she said to me when we began HRT when I see a post like this, "Let's get this party started!"
    • Betty K
      Thanks for listening Vidanjali. And don’t worry, I am now planning two weeks off before I try to write a more in-depth response. I am well aware of how much Cass has been hurting me. 
    • Mikayla2024
      Thank you, Mindy! Such a warm welcome!! I’m excited and honoured to be here !! 😊
    • Ivy
      I don't need that "new math."  My brain does it on its own.
    • Willow
      You know the advantages we had using long division and multiplication, slide rules and log table?  We can look at a result and know right away if something is wrong with it. Kids that have grown up using calculators can hit keystrokes on their calculator but they have no clue that the answer is wrong when there is a factor of ten that they messed up.  Also we learned our basic math tables inside out and upside down. They use this new math that mixes everything up.  
    • Mmindy
      Good afternoon Kayla,   Welcome to Transgender Pulse Forum, I hope you find this place as helpful and fun as I do. There are so many people from all walks of life, and locations in the World. Look around and join in on any threads you find interesting.   Best wishes, stay positive and motivated,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mikayla2024
      Hi All,   So today, I finally met with my Nurse Practitioner in her office to officially go over HRT for me. A little bit of background about gender affirming care in my province I live in - Doctors and NP’s now have the authority to perform gender affirming care as per a new directive recently. I only know because 6 weeks ago when I met with her and telling her about who I truly am, she said that before our appointment she was in a province wide zoom meeting with the sexual health centre in Halifax about gender affirming care and them explaining to all the PCP’s that if they can handle gender affirming care in the community as it would help save resources to focus on the more sensitive clientele such as children and teens.   At the end, I had to sign a document ensuring I understood everything. I grabbed the document so fast and signed away !!   So, she prescribed XXmg of spiro daily in the morning (Anti-Androgen) to start for 4 weeks and then seeing how I respond to that, she’s going to then start me on Estrogen pills. I already have a follow up appointment booked at the end of June.   I trust my NP wholeheartedly, kinda disappointed that I didn’t get the E, but I totally understand why. I’m a little nervous with the side effects however of Spiro, but regardless of side effects I’m going ahead with the plan and trusting in process and becoming who I’m truly supposed to be.   Question though as I’m curious - I know it’s a low dose of spiro but even then what sort of changes can I see from just the spiro alone without the e for those first 4 weeks?    thanks everyone!!   Kayla
    • April Marie
      Very cute!!!
    • Mmindy
      Yes I do... Creating/Building handcrafted gifts for family and friends using wood or metal. Camping and all the things you think could go with that, hiking, fishing, hunting, bird watching, meeting new people, and music festivals. Bluegrass, Folk, Americana. Seeing new parts of the world, and historical locations. Star gazing.   My father use to say he didn't trust anyone that didn't have at least to vises. I'm not so worried about your vises, however I don't think anyone should have less than two hobbies.   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
    • Mmindy
      Congratulations @LoreleiI hope it works out for you.   Hugs,   Mindy🌈🐛🏳️‍⚧️🦋
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