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I Am Beautiful

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On 5/1/2019 at 8:07 AM, Tessa said:

A Song 



I wake up to a bird’s song 

I hear the beautiful melody 

I would love to sing along 

could the song be about me


Birds were built to fly 

Do I have invisible wings 

Someday I would like to try 

Why do I thing on such things 


To fly away with someone 

Who truly loves me 

Oh, wouldn’t it be fun 

To be young and free


To pirch way up high 

Watching the world below 

To soar through the sky 

But this is what I know 


I am not a bird 

But I still can fly 

My voice can be heard 

I’ll tell you why 


We all have a song 

Burried deep inside 

Now let the bird’s sing along 

We have nothing to hide 


Let your invisible wings 

Take you where you want to go

You’ll discover new things 

This you already know 


Note: We all have invisible wings that exist around us. These wings are beautiful and delecate. Spread those wings and fly! Make a difference  in this world! Remember you are beautiful and unique and you add beauty to the world! 


Stay beautiful! 




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How do you pick an outfit 

Do you think much about it 

Beford you put it on 

Do you look at yourself in a mirror 


What colors do you choose 

Do you go by the way you feel

Are you picky with your style

Do you match everything 


Dressing is an intimate moment 

You get the chance to show who you are 

Do you dress for people or yourself 

You can’t choose your skin 


But you can choose what your in 

The world is watching who cares 

When I pick an outfit 

I have to feel good in it 


I won’t let people tell me what to wear 

I dress for me alone 

So dress how you feel dare 

Be who you are all day


Look back at yourself 

And say I am beautiful 

Feel that way all day 

Let that feeling be in you 


Let no one put you down 

Don’t put yourself down 

Enjoy who you are 

Let the world fade it’s only background 


Your the STAR!!!!🌈

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Theres a hidden side in me 

A side hidden in my shadow 

Where only the shadow you can see

But it’s always following me 


A shadow never leaves you 

Though in the dark you can’t see it 

It will shine through 

As soon as the light hits it 


It is only a shape 

The shape of who you are 

In my shadow I can escape 

Together we can go far 


No one can see us here 

We remain only a spot 

Even if we should shed a tear 

See it, you cannot 


When will I step out of the shadow 

So all can see me 

when will I know 

That I’m finally free






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I’m not feeling beautiful today

Is it I don’t want to feel that way

Who cares anyway 

Will this feeling fade away


Everything I’ve done is for others 

I leave no room for myself 

When I’m alone I’m empty

I don’t want to feel this way


I want to feel happy and loved 

I want to feel accepted 

I want to feel desired and loved 

These feelings are foreign to me


You will only find them in the characters 

That I write about in my stories

If I could be one of those characters 

Who is writing about me 





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To Be Loved Like That 


To wake up to being held 

And a kiss on the cheek 

All sadness expelled 

So much love it makes you weak 


To feel the warmth of a heart 

That belongs only to you 

For your love never to part

They will be with you through and through


To feel your lover upon your skin 

A touch that tells you your desired

 A beautiful feeling within 

A love that is truly inspired 




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Love Form


Love in it truest form

Is kind and sweet

It is so incredibly warm

Its like a candy you can eat


It doesn’t boast 

It wants to only be with you

Its real and not a ghost

If only people knew 


The touch of true love

Will always heal

It won’t push and shove 

It will cause you to feel


It doesn’t look at financial gain

It love the rich and poor 

It’s like a gentle rain 

That falls and then begins to pour 


True love is empty of pride 

It lives in sickness or health 

It doesn’t run and hide

it doesn’t care about wealth 


It looks inside your heart 

Not the shell you are in 

It loves your most vital part 

It praises you when you win


It breaks through your insecurities

It enriches your inner soul

It brings you new opportunities

It chooses to make you whole


It will never leave you empty 

You will always want more 

It will always have plenty 

True love is knocking at your door


True love is free

Anyone can give it out

True love is in you and me 

True love we can’t live without 


It searches to and fro

Looking for a heart to consume 

Its a friend not foe 

Its always has room 


If you’ve been touched by its power

Then you are under its spell

This is the hour 

To break out and yell


True love is coming for you

Just you wait and see

It will guide you through 

It will lead you to your destiny 


by Tessa




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Winters Grove 


Welcome to winter’s grove 

A secret place for love 

Where love burns in a stove

Love perches like a dove 


Me and my lover 

Hearts etched in a tree

Under winters cover 

My lover and me 


The cold of the winter snow

Our hearts keep us together

Only me and my lover know 

We are forever


With snow still falling 

I fall more and more in love

Winter is calling 

I thank God up above


A winter cold kiss

I taste the snow on my lover’s lips

This I will never miss

Oh how my heart flips 


Forever will stay 

In our winters grove 

Forever and a day 

Burning in loves stove


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    • MaryMary
      I had a lot of dysphoria, I was in depression, gone trough lot of abuse that earned me a PTSD. Although I'm happy that I had the past I had because it made the woman I am today (I wouldn't exchange my past for any past because it's making me a pretty damn cool transgender woman, does it make any sense?) it also wrecked havoc on my life. I've been in depression from 12 until 32 and barelly had the energy to go to school and do stuff, lol I was really bad to play my role as him and never succeeded in doing cool stuff as him.  I was an hermit and dysfonctionnal so to me he's in the past and I don't want to have anything to do with that name again and I certainly to want people to know that name if I can help it because I don't want to give people an excuse to misgender me or anything.   I understand what Sara and Shawna are saying and it's an excellent example of each story being different. To me hearing other stories is very cool and fascinating.   but yeah, to me it's a dead name and since he spent 20 years of his life wanting to kill himself it's quite fitting, lol It's weirdly appropriate since I waited since I was on the bottom of the barrel to come out.   I tend to see anything hermit, closed off, depressed, suicidal, dysfonctionnal, social armor as him in my mind and everything that has to do with the emancipated me as Marie even if that positive thing poped up at 10 years old. I found Marie as a name at something like 7 or 8 so and always added it in my initials so yeah... that's my little story about that topic.
    • SaraAW
      Very nice!
    • SaraAW
      Welcome to the site. I tried several different names until I found the one that resonated. Try them all out. If you have some allies or a therapist, get them to help you rest them. It may help to hear the name coming from other people’s mouths.  Keep at it and you’ll find you.     *hugs*
    • SaraAW
      My wife has said similar things regarding us. How she married a man, she doesn’t want a lesbian relationship. We are still currently together. I am hoping by slowing things down a bit and giving her time to accept and understand I’m still me, we will remain together. Only time will tell. I hope the best for you.    *hugs*
    • SaraAW
      I feel similar to Shawna, in that I don’t hate my birth name. I’m even going to incorporate it as a middle name, with a little feminization.    I wonder if some of the dislike for a previous name stems from issues that happened while using that name. I had a pretty good upbringing, despite having some mild dysphoria over the years. I would totally understand not wanting a name that was associated with severe pain from bad dysphoria or some sort of social/physical trauma.    I even know some cis people who just didn’t like their name and changed it.    As for my signature, I don’t get to practice much, as I’m still in full stealth. I write quickly and messily, my birth name signature being very doctor scribble like. I’m trying some different quick flowy ones and some slow deliberate almost printed ones. Not sure where I’m going to settle yet. They all still feel really weird right now.    *hugs*
    • Astrid
      I'll add yet another affirmation to the benefits of a competent and experienced gender therapist.  The first gender therapist may not feel like the right fit, as well, so keep in mind that you're free to discontinue at any time and try working with another.   A resource that I found helpful is How to Understand Your Gender, A Practical Guide for Exploring Who You Are (Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John Barker, 2017).  Lots of exercises that will get you thinking about many different aspects of gender.     Finally, don't expect your gender therapist to listen for awhile, and then pronounce you to be a particular gender orientation. That's for you to work at and arrive at an informed opinion....which may, over time, adjust.  You'll find, reading over the many stories here in the Forums, that many of us have done just that during our journeys.   Good luck and best wishes!   Astrid
    • Jackie C.
      I think I get what you're saying here. I don't really feel it because my dead name was pretty unpleasant. He's still in here somewhere, but he's not doing the heavy lifting anymore. Everyone is happier for it. Well, almost everyone. Still no love from my egg donor. I don't really expect that to change though. That would be like admitting she's wrong and that's not happening.   I don't know what the procedure in Vermont is for changing your name legally on all the appropriate documents, but after doing all that... well, working on doing all that. I have a couple more to go... you might feel differently. I'm spending time and money to get all these little details right and it still makes me smile every time I see my name in print or on a display.   Re-learning to write and sign my name was kind of a trip though. Back in the 90's it sort of degraded into a squiggly smear. It's still not great but I'm working on making it a bit more appropriate. It's a little out of character for me because otherwise my handwriting is immaculate. I totally write like a girl.   I don't know about ANYTHING you want. I try to get people to avoid stripper names. Nobody REALLY wants a name like Starlight or <insert brand of champagne>. Unless you really, really do in which case, well... you do you. I'm a big advocate for trying to fit in though.   Hugs!
    • Astrid
      Thanks, Jani!  That's exactly the kind of feedback that I was hoping to hear, and the result I hope to achieve ==> HRT (Head Relief Therapy) 😎   With gratitude,   Astrid
    • lauraincolumbia
      I agree with ShawnaLeigh, you should see a gender therapist to help you figure things out. I do recommend a gender therapist, as I've been seeing a regular therapist for several years, but still have many open questions.  Its a question of focus, rather than competence....
    • MaryMary
      You know what's funny? I have so much dysphoria that I feel I look ugly. So probably I could say the same thing if you share an image.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      So I had this conversation with my therapist about this question and told him it bothers me considering my given name as a Dead Name.  A name that represents who I was practically my entire life and the persona of my life's experience and knowledge.  I feel like says its my Dead Name signifies I am killing that part of myself off. To me anyways.  A part I still like to some degree.  A part I need to help the women inside bloom and grow and be strong when times are tough and believe me times are tough for me lately. I prefer to call my male persona name a Birth Name.  Simply that's what it is.  A name given to me at birth by my parents. Plus there is no killing. LOL   I love to fact I get to choose my own female name.  Anything I want.   However I made a significant observation the other day. I have been signing my name as Shawna my whole life.  Signing anything legal or checks or whatever.  I always signed my name first name, middle initial, last name that all bunched together in a scribing mess.  However Shawn A. is what you would see before it turned into a scribe towards my last name.  LOL Like I have been telling myself my whole life who I am inside. Or I just reading into it to much.  LOL    
    • ShawnaLeigh
      This is great news.  It seems given enough time most people will come around or at least understand.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I'm transitioning MTF and I still love to hunt, fish, icefish, go camping, get muddy on my ATV, shooting archery and guns.    So yes.  If you still like female typical interests you can be a guy. Why not? JMO
    • lauraincolumbia
      Congrats Astrid!   Fenway?  I used to know a girl that worked at Fenway.  Unfortunately, she passed away, but I never heard from what.
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Well I'm still in my confusion/discovery part of myself so I am hesitant to lay a label on anyone.  I can see you feel a lot like I do/did in my earlier years.  Born male and being attracted to females was a big thing for me because I felt female inside but played my male role my entire life.   I'm going toward transitioning to female just now at age 52, in the early stages still, though I am still only attracted to women even though I am becoming one myself. Having a strong sexual connection to your confusion is not uncommon.  It is a sexual change you desire it sounds like.  Going from one sex to the other is a sexual change and it is not unreasonable to feel sexual stimulation when contemplating it or acting on it.  JMO Saying that you are bisexual reinforces this to me. All I can suggest is what I was told and that is to try and see a gender therapist and see what he/she says.  I can tell you it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have meaning and I am valid.  Not broken or need to be fixed. 
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