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  1. What Is Crossdressing, Really? 1 2 3 4 7

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  3. 'contrasting' 'sexual' Desire?

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  4. 'foward' With Mom?

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  5. 'large' Wig Sizes?

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  6. 'twas The Night Before Christmas

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  7. "Fun" Clothes

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  8. *sighs* October 2, 2009 Doctor Apportment

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  9. 1st time i have ever posted pictures

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  10. 2nd Post And Settling In :)

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  11. 2nd Real Attempt At Makeup

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  12. 3 day escape

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  14. 411 On Hosiery

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  15. 56 Hours and 533 Miles Being Feminine

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  16. A 'new' Dress

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  17. A bike ride

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  18. A bit of understanding

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  19. A Bit Of An Update

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  20. A Buddy System?

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  21. A Chance.

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  22. A change is coming...

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  23. A Close Call

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  24. A Coming Out Moment

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    • Timber Wolf
      Hi Priya, Welcome to Transpulse. I'm glad you're here!   Lots of love and a big welcome hug,  Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Charlize
      I went from a shaved head to a nicely stiles shoulder length wig right off the bat.  After all i had made the decision to live as myself and that was the thing both i and others had to accept rather than my hair length.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • MiraM
      I let my managers at work know that I would be moving forward with my transition the day before I first presented as female at work (long story, but they knew I was in the process, and would be doing it eventually).  I went from a mostly bald buzz-cut to hair just past my shoulder blades over night.  Since I was out to most people at work, it was a non issue.  Since then, I have gone to a much shorter style at work since I am in a very hot environment and want to stay as cool as possible.  I do occasionally wear the longer at work as well, but mainly wear it away from work.  The shorter style is also easier to get under a hair net (there's a sexy image for you LOL). 
    • MiraM
      I have been on HRT for two years and have had no change in my hair.  I still have the same amount of baldness as I did.   I keep what remaining hair I have cut to about 1/16" to 1/8".  I detest wearing a wig cap under my wigs.  To me they are very uncomfortable, and since I work in a very hot and humid environment, the less I have on my head the better.  Keeping the hair as short as possible eliminates the need for a cap.   Although a cap can help a wig fit more securely, a quality, properly fitted unit should stay in place with no problem and still be comfortable to wear.  My primary wig was fitted to my head by the prosthetic department of the VA hospital, and is light weight, very breathable, and stays in place with no cap or adhesive.  As Kate said, fit is everything, and the construction is important as well.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I was notified yesterday by my director that we will be arranging meetings with each hospital to inform them of my transition.  This is a tad nerve racking so I am in a holding my breathe phase today. Furthermore he is forwarding a letter from himself and one from me to all our technicians and staff in my company.  This encompasses all of New England and New York.  Yes four states worth of folks, its a lot of people, so this is the Biggy!  Something we had planned to do after a huge company meeting we had last week in which I was not ready or wanting to do this in person.   This is happening today.  YIKES! You can say I am a bit sensitive about this right now.  LOL
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Had a full day yesterday and did not even post here to tell.  Duh... Voice training initial eval went super but ended up being two hours long!   I had some stress and tensing issues with my neck voice box, and shoulders.  Even in my jaw so it was effecting my speech.  I was shown a few exercises and stretching for this and after a short message to assist getting loose I had my eval.  My base line is 157 which she said was in the gender neutral range.  There is hope for me. My ultrasound went ok.  She made me jump one time with a sharp pain but other then that it went well.  No idea when I will get or see results. This morning was crap.  I remembered last night I had forgotten some important papers in one hospital that I needed in another today.  I had to get up at 3am to go retrieve them before heading over to NH.  2.5 hour commute.  Sigh... I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    • ShawnaLeigh
      I think as Sara does on all points too.  I will not accuse your wife of trying to control through fear as any fear is legitimate but it is not likely any more for you then for her.   I agree with this too.  From experience as my wife has similar feeling of "what will the neighbors think".  I have been wearing men's bikini style for years in all situations and not once has anyone mentioned a "panty line" on me.   I've been in women's undergarments now for about 3 months and still no one has said a thing.   If she is trying to worry you or control you through fear she needs a better example in my opinion.  Have a talk with her and reassure her its not an issue for you.  Be understanding too.  She may really be afraid of this for you.  
    • ShawnaLeigh
      Welcome to our family Priya! This is a truly wonderful place and I love it here.  It has saved my life. I look forward to reading more from you.
    • KathyLauren
      I think your wife might still be in "what will the neighbours think" mode.  Men's underwear shows a more obvious panty line than women's, so that is a non-issue.    Men tend to avoid looking at each other in washrooms, so so one is going to peep under the stall door.  Can you imagine someone doing that and getting caught by someone else entering the washroom?  You can imagine the exclamation, I am sure: "What are you, some kind of _______?"  No man is going to risk that.   I wore women's underwear to work for years while presenting as a guy, and no one noticed.
    • LacrimalDuality
      Thanks, Sara. I'm already much better off now with everyone's warm greetings and words of support. Until yesterday, I was kind of freaking out about even talking to anyone about it but, I'm happy I did.
    • SaraAW
      Hi Priya, welcome!  I’m not too far away, being in the eastern burbs of TO. There’s lots of wonderful folks here on the forum. I’ve been here for almost a year, maybe over a year now and it’s been great. Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      Hi Bethany and welcome!  This place is full of wonderful and supportive folks, hopefully we can help you along your self discovery. Hugs!
    • SaraAW
      This seems a bit extreme and more like attempt to control through fear. I don’t know your SO, so it could just be fear mixed with some paranoia and ignorance.  Rebuttal for the first concern: Depending on the type of panties you are wearing, the below garment silhouette may like very similar to male underwear, think tighty whities. She may be able to see lines because she’s actively looking for them, most people are not. You need fairly thin and form fitting clothes to see lines, which you say you’re not. There are also lots of panties that are made to be no show.    For the second concern: Who does this?  This is very similar to the terf argument to keep trans women out of women’s bathrooms, some sicko may try and peep?  I’ve been around a few years and lived in some big cities and even some small villages, I’ve never had anyone peek underneath a bathroom stall. It is also pretty simple to keep your pants over the panties while sitting down to go to the bathroom.    Generally, people aren’t really looking at other people in passing unless given a reason to. If you stand out from the crowd in some way you may get looked at. If you’re alone, maybe more likely, but if you’re in male disguise, you would probably get nothing more than a head nod or smile and then their attention is elsewhere.    if anything, the more overt feminine things we do, such as outerwear, makeup, feminine body movement and language are much more likely to get us noticed and in trouble under the wrong circumstances. I’ve worn a bra (both traditional and sports) and panties (all types) out in public, including to work in an office for about a year now, I’m still fully male appearing on the outside, and no one has noticed. Not even the people I spend considerable time with.    All this to say, you do you. Do it smart, use your head and you’ll be fine. 
    • Mikhail
      Thank you for this list.  I did not know Rogaine was toxic to kitties. Thank you!
    • Janae
      Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I have posted anything. My house has been in disarray for the past few months.  Couple things going on but will only mention one to keep this short. One of the things that has come up is my wife’s concern for my safety. She does not want me wearing panties outside the house as she is concerned that someone will notice and cause me harm.  She says she can see panty lines, - I don’t wear tight pants so as hard as I look, I can’t see them. Then she added that when I use the public restroom (she knows I sit down to pee) that someone could look under the stall and see my panties and cause me harm. I never really thought of that in the past until she mentioned it. She was pretty upset, and I thought it was sweet that she was concerned. I have never noticed anyone sticking there head into my stall before. Has anyone been concerned with this?   Janae
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