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MtF Hair Transformation Topics

Many MTFs in transition may need help in the hair department. Discussions include wigs, hair replacement systems, and hair transplants.

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  3. Bangtox

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  5. Hair Thinning/loss

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  6. Hair Growth Question...

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  7. Hair Loss Remedies

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  8. Hair Getting Colour Back?

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  9. Lace Front Wigs

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  10. How Should I Have My Hair Cut?

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  11. Hair Regrowth?

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  12. Natural Hair Maintanance

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  13. Found A Really Nice Wig Today!

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  14. Hair Problem

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  15. Hair Cut Advice

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  16. Unwanted Curling

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  17. Leigh's Hair: Discuss.

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  18. Hair Replacement Therapy

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  19. A Hard Problem

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  20. (help)girl Teens Hairstyle

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  21. Feminizing Haircuts

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  22. Ftm Hair Issues

    • 6 replies
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    • Dinaki
      You can also check out this tool Laser Band
    • Carrie
      I have already spoken to someone who  had been over there. She was quite happy. The visit over there is about four weeks.  There are rooms attached to the hospital that I looked at before and that was part of the cost.  Still a lot of research to be done before I take any sort of action of any kind.  I am not rushing in just because I have permission to do something does not me I need to act now. There is time and I will do my homework first. 🙂  
    • Dinaki
      As long as you talked with ladies that have been under Chettaut's knife, what can I say. You know better than me.   Remember you will have to add to the expenses, airplane tickets (round trip), hotel accomodation there. I hope NOT, but what if something wrong happens to you while you recuperate back in Sydney? Tailand is way too far from Sydney dear.   Do very well your homework Carrie!
    • Carrie
      Hi Dinaki In Sydney it would cost $52,000 and that is without the hospital fees. Health insurance does not cover surgery in Australia.  I would not see any surgeon until I have spoken to someone who has already been to him.  I need to know his work is good before I make any commitments. I have already spoken to the Gender Centre about meeting ladies who have been to Thailand and hearing from their experiences and how happy they were with what was done. 🙂 I have waited this long a little longer hurts no one.  I do not expect anything until the middle or end of next year.  Thank you Carrie 
    • Dinaki
      Chettawut is a plastic surgeon that started 1995 only, that tells you that he is young and is not having a good experience. In general, in Bangkok, all surgeries are truly not expensive but there is a price to pay if everything goes correctly. In this case dear Carrie, you do not want to gamble, stay way from him.   I would not let someone that has no experience, not even pulling my tooth.   I am certain that in Sydney, you have some experienced doctors in the field.  Visit this website, it is near you somewhere in Sydney Gender Reassignment Surgery
    • Carrie
      Thanks Sara It surprised me as well.  I thought I would have to see him a few times at least.  
    • SaraAW
      Congrats on the referral. Well that's a nice change from the usual gatekeeping. No feedback on the doc in Thailand.
    • Carrie
      Hi everyone Yesterday I saw my psychiatrist for the first time. When I asked when he would like to see me again he said he did not need to see me again.  He gave me a letter of support for SRS surgery. For a Dr Chettawut  in Bangkok, Thailand. I think one of the reasons that this happened on my first visit to him is because I have lived as Carrie for the last 29 years. Has anyone used this doctor in Thailand before. Would love to here back from you. Many thanks Carrie 💖💗
    • SaraAW
      Congrats Mira! Always nice to get recognized and rewarded for your work.
    • SaraAW
      That's how I did it on my 3rd try. Tried gum and patches first. It was not easy, but almost 20 years smoke free now.   Hope all of you in the USA have a wonderful Independence Day!
    • SaraAW
      Talking a walk down nostalgia lane and found a Spotify playlist of all the songs from every Big Shiny Tunes Album.  All kinds of 90's alternative, rock and pop. These albums were compilations put together by the Canadian music tv station MuchMusic, similar to MTV in the US.
    • Carrie
      Jackie Nice!!! 🙂  
    • Jackie C.
      That would make you a Seahorse.     Hugs!
    • claire1000
      Thanks Vicky, the thought of getting away from wearing my wig is very enticing
    • Susan R
      Hi @Sophie Watson I watched your video and want to let you know that most of us are forced to deal with haters on some level. Some get it worse than others. The best thing you can do is stay the course and don’t let these people affect your goals. The one thing that helped me coming out socially was knowing that while it may be a huge topic of gossip for a short time, it doesn’t last long. Eventually, people get tired of hearing the same old news over and over. Yes, it’s hard when you know others are taking behind your back but I can tell you, the difficulties with presenting female around your neighborhood and work will level off in short order. As @Jackie C. mentioned, talk to your HR dept., union rep or steward, and maybe your boss if you think they might have your back. It’s their job to make things run smoothly and work out kinks in the workplace. Like many things though, starting out is the biggest obstacle especially when fear and doubt is in the equation. I know you can do this though, Sophie.   My Best, Susan R🌷
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