As with all online communities, TransPulse has a number of rules in place to protect our members. Your use of the forums constitutes your agreement to abide by these rules. Please also bear in mind that as with all online communities, all topics, posts etc are publicly available to search engines.

Please note that TransPulse is not a sex or dating site. Anyone attempting to use the site for those purposes will be immediately and permanently banned.

At the bottom of the page, you will find information about the steps you can take to appeal any action taken against you, should you feel such action was unwarranted.

Forum Rules

  1. Please choose an appropriate username. We recommend choosing the first name you would go by in your day-to-day life as your username. Names that imply aspects of sexuality, politics, authority, or anything else staff determines to be inappropriate will not be allowed. Random strings of numbers or digits or other "gibberish" names are also prohibited. While you will have to register twice - once for chat and once for the forums - we encourage you to use the same name in both places for ease of recognizing you. Note that if you set your email address as your username, your account will be deleted as soon as we see it.
  2. You may not change your own username in the forums. You must ask an administrator to make any changes for you.
  3. You may not intentionally misgender other members. Respect for everyone's gender identity is mandatory. While we won't grab the ban hammer for honest mistakes, members who are found to be intentionally disregarding the identity or chosen pronouns of others will be subject to disciplinary action. If you find that people often confuse your gender based on your name and are bothered by this, we recommend choosing a different name that leaves less room for error.
  4. Be supportive of all members. Implying that a particular member's problems are less pressing or valid than those of others is not allowed. Likewise, invalidating the experiences of another member or suggesting they're overreacting to their situation or faking a crisis is forbidden. If you feel unable to respond supportively to what a member is discussing, choose instead not to respond at all.
  5. You must be honest with what you share with the community. While you are by no means expected to share every last detail of your life, what you do choose to discuss must be true. Those found to be spinning tales to the community for whatever reason will be banned.
  6. The following behavior is strictly forbidden everywhere on the site: flame wars, trolling, deliberately provoking arguments, intentionally insulting others or yourself. . . you get the idea.
  7. All posts and conversations held at TransPulse must be in English. Our staff speaks only English, and we must be able to effectively moderate all content.
  8. All content posted or shared through TransPulse services must be appropriate for minors. We welcome members aged 13 to 18. As such, adult or pornographic content, nudity, underwear images, violence, gore, and other content not suitable for minors may not be posted anywhere to this service.
  9. You may not advertise good or services, ask for money, or otherwise solicit our members in any way. TransPulse does not accept paid advertising. Members who post advertisements, solicitations, or spam will be subject to an immediate ban from the site.
  10. Arguing with staff or ignoring their requests is forbidden. The steps to appeal staff decisions can be found at the bottom of this page. If a moderator takes action in the moment that you disagree with, those steps are your only option for reversing that decision. If a moderator intervenes in a discussion that has gotten out of hand and instructs those participating to drop the subject, you are expected to drop it and move on. Continuing to engage other involved parties or the moderator will result in disciplinary action being taken. Finally, speaking abusively to a TransPulse volunteer under any circumstances is grounds for an immediate ban from participating in the site.
  11. Do not attempt to evade the profanity filters. The filters are a little less restrictive in chat than they are in the forums. In either location, however, deliberately evading the filter to make a forbidden word seen is likely to get you removed from the environment. Further, please do not self-edit profanity when you choose to use it. Saying "f*ck" is the same as evading the filter to make your word seen - just type it as you normally would and let our filters do their thing.
  12. You may not encourage others to engage in illegal activity. This includes encouraging the use of hormones obtained through means other than a legitimate prescription under the supervision of a physician.
  13. You may not share the dose of any medication you are taking, including hormones. What works for you may well be fatal for someone else.
  14. You may not recommend dangerous or harmful treatments. This includes both herbal and non-prescription hormones, "reparative" or "conversion" therapy, and any other medication or treatment that has been proven to be fraught with danger.
  15. Sensitive topics such as politics and religion are restricted to specifically labeled areas. Private messages in chat and the appropriate forums are the only places where respectful discussion of sensitive topics can occur. Because nothing ignites flame wars like opinions at polar opposites of the spectrum, discussing these topics or your views on them in shared spaces is prohibited except where it relates directly to the transgender condition.
  16. The content of private messages must remain private. You may not share the content of your private discussions with anyone without the express permission of the person to whom you are speaking privately. If someone messages you inappropriately, however, you are encouraged to share those messages with a member of staff. This can be done via copy and paste into a private message window with a staff member in chat or by using the "report message" function in the forums.
  17. You may not publicly discuss disciplinary action taken against you. As has been previously stated, the steps for appeal printed below are your only option if you disagree with such action.
  18. Members under the age of 18 are not allowed to share personally identifying information. This includes your full name and any contact information, be it telephone number, instant messenger handle, email address, or other details.
  19. Photos of minors - even if that minor is you - may not be posted anywhere in the forums or chat.
  20. Members may not solicit contact or identifying information from minors. Anyone who asks a minor to share information they are not allowed to share on this site will be immediately and permanently banned.
  21. You may not share personally identifying information or contact information anywhere on the site that is publicly visible. For your safety, we recommend not sharing it at all. If you do choose to provide this information to another member, however, you must do so via private message.
  22. Please make sure you choose the correct forum for any new posts you make. Each forum has a description shown on the main forum page. We encourage you to become familiar with these descriptions to help you decide where to put your new posts. Posts made in the wrong forum may be moved without warning.
  23. Members must respect the rights of individual copyright holders at all times. Images from other sites (with the exception of public sites whose intention is for images to be shared), links to illegally distributed content, or encouragement of or guidance on how to infringe on others' copyrights is not allowed.
  24. You should choose a good topic for your new posts. Be as specific as you can to invite replies from people with similar or related experiences. Bad topic examples include "Money" or "Transition issue," while a good topic title might be "Effects of estrogen on upper body strength" or "Lack of acceptance as myself in the workplace."
  25. Photos posted publicly in forum topics or comments, if they depict a person, must depict only the member posting them. You may not publicly share pictures of other people, even if you are included in the photo. This restriction does not apply to photos uploaded to the gallery section of the forums, as it is visible only to registered members who are signed in.
  26. Moderators have discretion over all situations. It is likely that, from time to time, a situation will arise that isn't explicitly covered in these rules. Moderators are empowered to make decisions in the moment when faced with such situations. It is expected that their decisions will be respected.
  27. TransPulse is hosted on servers physically located in the United States. As content on our servers is stored within the United States, US law prevails in consideration of any legalities. By your use of this site, you agree to the jurisdiction of the United States - more specifically, Ada County in the State of Idaho. As a provider of interactive services, Transgenderpulse is not liable for any statements, representations, or User Content provided by its users in any Interactive Area.

Disciplinary Process

When rules are violated, we generally remind members of the rule and leave it at that. Continued violations may result in loss of privileges or revocation of your account. Moderators have full discretion over the disciplinary process, however, and may make exceptions based on the severity of the violation.

Moderator Discretion

As mentioned above, we generally prefer to remind people of the rules before taking any further action. Moderators are not required to adhere strictly to that philosophy, however. Depending on the specifics of each situation they handle, they may choose an alternative solution when, in their judgment, such a deviation is appropriate.

Appealing Disciplinary Action

If you feel that action taken against you was not warranted, whether because you feel you didn't violate the rules or because you feel it was too strict, you can contact us to have the situation reviewed. Please be sure to explain why you feel the disciplinary action was unwarranted. Note that we will review all necessary logs, including the text of forum posts and chat conversations, before making a decision.