Please note that this service is offered in Good Faith, we cannot guarantee that all businesses are still active. Those without Websites or email addresses have been on our list for many years and some may no longer be in business*. It is up to the individual to check that they are still active and suitable for your purposes. Transgender Pulse can accept no responsibility for any disagreements you and any practice may encounter. Please remember also that email IS NOT SECURE so where available you should use the Contact Form on the practice website.

Welcome to the TransPulse Resource Locator!


This feature combines our exhaustive lists of professionals who work with the transgender community into one searchable database. Simply enter your ZIP or postal code to see all the resources near you. From there, you can adjust the distance you want to search or filter by type. Resources included in this database are:


Gender Therapists
Primary Care Physicians
Legal Assistance
Surgeons (FtM)
Surgeons (MtF)
Voice Therapists


To add your business to our database or change your listing, please contact us.
You may also like to refer to the Psychology Today website.

Please be aware that, while practitioners who submit themselves for inclusion in this database are asked questions to confirm they offer a trans-positive, affirming environment, TransPulse can only take them at their word. We recommend asking when you schedule your appointment if they still provide trans-inclusive care. Sadly, most practices never think to update us if they move or retire.



* This list was updated in January/April 2024 following the failure of the “widget” we have used for years. A replacement “widget” has been sourced and an advantage was taken to remove any practice that did not originally supply a website as we cannot confirm that they are still a going concern. If you requested that we add your listing and can no longer see it, this may be the reason. We also removed any listing whose website failed to load. sadly, the last few practices have been lost following a failure of the website which hosted the original database. Petra Jane, April  2024