Introducing Petra Jane

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June 7, 2020
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July 22, 2020
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Introducing Petra Jane

I guess I should say hello as the new owner of Transgender Pulse, both the site and forums.

Petra Jane Budge 2020I’ve been involved in the forums from very early on before taking a break, then being invited back by Dev Anthony and Mary Ellen as an administrator for the Forums. Dev very kindly approached me during May 2020 with an offer I could not refuse, that of taking over the Site and Forums as owner and main bill-payer.

My journey led me to become a crossdresser and I enjoy doing so, I just love the feel of satin and nylon as well as tight skirts and nice heels.
I do dress suitably for my age though, no longer going for panty showing short skirts, preferring my skirts to rest just a little above my knees.

My outside interests include gardening, computers, and photography. I usually go for a walk most days for my health and to try to keep the pounds off so I can fit comfortably in my outfits. Not always as successful as I wish but I’m trying to minimise the weight gain as much as possible.

I’m retired, due in part to my age and my health so am always willing to accept any help towards the funding of the site and forums, currently, (June 2020) costs are around $63 a month for the server, software, and everything else so if anyone has found these forums helpful and can consider making a donation, however large or small, they would be most gratefully received and will be used solely to fund the continuation of the site and forums.


  1. Amandajayne Morris says:

    Nice to meet you,Petra xx

  2. Petra Jane says:

    Thank you! 😉

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