Sorry for the Contact Us Form being offline recently

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January 27, 2022
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March 25, 2023
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Sorry for the Contact Us Form being offline recently

Apologies for the Contact Us Form being down of late, the form we were using has reached the end of its life and it was a case of realising this, that all attempts to use ended up with a fail and then finding an affordable replacement as we needed one that would allow multiple options whilst making it easy to use.

In the end, we went with WPForms.


  1. Petra Jane says:

    Having worked for a couple of days, the contact form has once again stopped working. I have been in touch with WPForms support and hopefully they will get back to me and suggest a solution shortly.

  2. Petra Jane says:

    Happy to say that the support team at WPForms have been in touch and given me the fixes needed to get the Contact Us forms working correctly once more. Thank you to them and I’m happy to recommend WPForms to anyone who needs a decent, easy to set up, form plugin, which comes with excellent aftersales support.

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