Trans rights are human rights!

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February 4, 2021
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August 17, 2022
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Trans rights are human rights!

My daughter had an amazing transition at school thanks to current law in in Virginia.
However, the new Virginia governor’s first order of business is to reverse all the forward progress we have made.
If this is an issue that resonates with you please sign and share our petition:
No donations are required, and you don’t have to live in Virginia to sign. Please share on multiple platforms so we can keep the world a kinder more inclusive place!
Posted at the request of forum member Smangela


  1. Dale Montgomery says:

    I don’t see why the government tell us what to do . It’s not there business what people what people what do body’s . If you want to just do it . Skew the government . I thought it was a free country .
    I my self iam a male an I want to transition from a male to female . But I don’t know if my medicare insurance will cover it or not . Iam trying to fine out now . I live in Minnesota .

  2. Freyja G says:

    Human rights??? Sorry i dont know what that means anymore. I am met by laughter, contempt, and hate by almost every single human that lays their eyes on me. At the very least i get to see every single persons wtf expression when our eyes meet. I can not go around not paying attention to my surroundings, i live in East Germany, they stab gay people hier, wtf ye think they’ll do to me.
    I’m happy for the passable few, but for the majority of the planet, wir the biggest joke and not really free to be whom we know ourselves to be. Oh but you thought Germany is sooo progressive??? Ask the nazi’s that are still hier and march through my city monthly… NOWHERE IS PROGRESSIVE, I even got laughed at in Denmark on my wedding day. I don’t let mínn wife tell mí im beautiful anymore, i cant allow myself to feel that dillussion

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