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A forum for discussion of general transgender issues.

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    • Aidan5
      Welcome to the forum Kathy! We welcome you with open arms and minds. I hope you find the same comfort I did here!  
    • Aidan5
      Thanks for your advice I love the story and I am really good around with strangers because I am extroverted too, just when I like someone my brain doesn't want me to mess up and look like a complete idiot, but he finds it cute. This morning he sat in the back of the bus and he told me to sit next to him, I abided.    There was one time I was in the bathroom and washing my hands and looked to the person next to me and let the water overflow and I said "Wow, this water is really getting out of hand." They laughed at me and smiled, I like making people's day better
    • KathyLauren
      Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
    • MaryMary
      I get this. I respect everyone and I'm aware that each person is different but for me transition was a last resort solution that helped me a lot. I can't go back. (trigger warning) I know how suicidal I was before, I won't ever go back to that. That's true for my transition but also for other aspects of my life, how I make decision, how I take care of my mental health, how I allow myself to be positive or negative, etc. For me there's 2 options, accepting me like this or kill me, that's as simple as that.
    • Susan R
      Welcome Kathy, nice to have you in our community!  I had an nearly identical experience at that stage and the outcome was the same.  It has created an even stronger bond in our marriage and I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar.  The  reception to my coming out to family was and still is mixed after the dust settled.  I’m glad yours was much more accepting.  Also, congratulations on the upcoming GRS surgery.  This is wonderful and exciting news.  My wife and I have recently agreed that I will be having the surgery with an appt. scheduled in two weeks to discuss it with my Dr.  I bet you’re having so many emotions regarding your GRS.  I know I am and it’s, at minimum, a year or so off.  Thanks for sharing some of yourself with us here.  I look forward to reading more. Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Kathy!  I'm glad you found us.  Congrats on the success you've had on your journey to womanhood, especially the fact that your marriage will continue on and your wife is supportive.  That is not as common as we all would like to see.  I share a love of the stars and space, and have a pretty nice telescope, too, although I don't take it out much lately.  It's a great hobby.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • tapeleg42
      I've been hemming and hawing over my gender identity for about a year now, unsure if my feelings aren't about being trans but just some misplaced projection of my other issues.  But the fact is I would slam that button so hard.  Plus, whenever I get so overwhelmed and frustrated with my own doubt gremlins I always end up thinking, "This would be so much easier if I had just been born a female."  I still have things to work out with my therapist, but those two notions are pretty strong signs, I think.
    • SaraAW
      I’m pretty sure I’ve grown too big (not physically, as I was and am already a tall gal) to be shoved back into the tiny closet I escaped from. In all seriousness, I would not want to. If it was a matter of life and death, I might be able to hide for awhile, but I don’t think I’d survive doing it for too long, now that I have started to see me and the world through my true eyes. 
    • KathyLauren
      Years ago, long before I seriously considered that I might be trans, I wondered what name I would use if I was a woman.  (Hello, can you say "head in the sand" or what?)  I decided that transitioning my signature was important to me, so I wanted something that would look similar to my old signature.  My boy name was Keith, so I decided that Kathy was the obvious choice.   When it came time to pick a new name for real, that seemed as good a name as any.  I picked Lauren as my middle name for similar reasons: it was a feminine version of my male middle name.  When I announced my transition and my name choice to my brothers, they had no trouble figuring out where the names came from.   My wife suggested several names to me, but her choices were terrible!   I just couldn't see myself using them.  Anyway, my legal name change is done, and I feel like a Kathy.
    • KathyLauren
      RCAF* from 1973 to 1982.  I was a pilot / flying instructor, flying the Tutor jet.   *While I was a member, it wasn't called the RCAF, but they have since fixed that.
    • Jackie C.
      Yeah, you don't really want a "smooth operator" vibe anyway. Those guys tend to be walking garbage fires. Most guys, especially when they're young, are pretty clueless about flirting. Honestly, it's cute.   Comfort levels with people have a lot to do with it too. Different members of the couple are allowed to have different levels of flirting. For example, I will say things to Susan that make her give me a look that says, "Is there even a word for what's wrong with you?" As another example, I was at the chiropractor. I'd been seeing them for a few months at that point and felt comfortable joking around with the doctor and the technician. The tech had me in a spine extender. Basically a tight jacket around your ribs and another around your pelvis. So he puts on the one for my ribs and asks, "Is that too much?" I raised my voice an octave, got all breathy and answered, "Harder daddy!" He couldn't look at me for the rest of the visit. There's probably something wrong with me.   The point being that your new friend sounds more comfortable around you than you are around him. Maybe a little more extroverted too. That's not a criticism, some of my best friends are like that. They have a minimal filter and they're comfortable around me. Enjoy it! You'll loosen up as your relationship deepens and you get to know each other better. A good partnership covers for each other's weak spots and builds on each other's strengths.   Seriously, I am positively giddy for you.   Hugs!
    • KathyLauren
      Having doubts is a normal part of this process.  Whenever doubts arise, I just ask myself if I could go back.  The answer is a resounding no.   I have never been suicidal, fortunately.  But when I thought about how it would feel to have to live the rest of my life as the male that I thought I was, I can see how such thoughts could arise.  The very idea filled me with horror.  It was that thought that motivated me to come out to my wife in the first place, and that thought that kept my going when I had doubts.  Luckily, the doubts get fewer the further I go.
    • Jackie C.
      Welcome to the community KathyLauren! Happy to meet you.   I had a similar experience with my spouse. That was a very difficult conversation to initiate, but our relationship has been so much closer since. Of everyone in my life, she was the person I most wanted to be authentic with. She finally got to meet the "real me" in 2018 and we're still very much in love. Once you have that, everything else is secondary. There is no challenge I cannot surmount if my spouse has my back.   I had... closer to 95% acceptance. I've got one family member who isn't accepting, but for the most part the rest of my friends and family have been great. From listening to other people's stories here, I imagine it depends a lot on your community. Fortunately, I live in a good one.   So yeah, feel free to look around and ask questions, that's what we're here for.   Hugs!
    • Jani
      I think Robert is still looking!     Talk about a genre shifting song from a band known for blues.  Those were the days.
    • Jani
      Greetings and welcome Milly!  I'm glad you have joined us.  Have fun.   Jani
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