Bright New Logo

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January 26, 2021
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February 4, 2021
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Bright New Logo

To brighten things up for the start of 2021 we decided to get a new logo designed. Young Forum Moderator Ttheta did the honours and created our new brighter Heart/Pulse logo and we thank him for his work.

The original logo for TransgenderPulse looked like this:
original TransGenderPulse logo

Although before Transgender Pulse became Transgender Pulse, we had another name, that of Laura’a Playground and that logo looked like this:
The very first logo

Our new 2021 Logo, created by Ttheta looks like this:
2021 TransgenderPulse Logo created by Forum Moderator Ttheta


  1. William Douglas (Willa Deese 'Dee') Friesland says:

    What can I say? Jackie Rabbit steered me in your direction and your logo struck a chord… But now? Wow. I LOVE this one even more…

  2. William Douglas (Willa Deese 'Dee' Friesland says:

    Just had to add thanks for existing as a welcoming place.

  3. Jimi Jennifer says:

    I like it. It says it all…. <3

  4. Tonii Gregory says:

    The new logo is beautiful.

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