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Trans Unite

Trans Unite is a directory of UK-based support groups for transgender people looking for help and community. They feature support groups operating in all mediums, from those with in-person gatherings to those whose meetings take place online via chat software. Trans Unite is featured because of the unique service they offer in a part of the world where such resources can be hard to come by.


External Links

Suicide Prevention

TransPulse Live Chat - Join our chat room and ask for a crisis moderator if you need to speak with someone urgently.
Trans Lifeline - With toll-free numbers for the US and Canada, trans folks in crisis can call and talk with someone who understands the transgender condition.
The Trevor Project - Aimed at LGBT youth, this site offers a 24-hour talk and text line for youth in crisis.
World Suicide Hotlines - A list of all the world's suicide crisis hotlines.

If you need help, please find it wherever you can.

General Links

The Angels - Transgender news and topics of interest.
Big Brothers Binder Program - A free binder program for trans men in financial need. Conditions apply.
Bullying and LGBT Youth - Important information on stopping the bullying of LGBT youth.
COLAGE - An organization that unites children of LGBT and/or queer parents.
eligibility.com - A free service that aims to help its users better understand US-based benefit programs they may be eligible to receive.
Forge Forward - "Improving the lives of transgender and SOFFA [significant other, family, friends, and ally] individuals since 1994, building strong connections, providing resources, and empowering personal growth."
Fortunate Families - An organization for Catholic parents of LGBT children.
Gender Identity Research and Education Society - "GIRES is a UK wide organisation whose purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people of all ages, including those who are non-binary and non-gender."
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association - "Ensuring quality in healthcare for LGBT individuals and healthcare providers since 1981."
Hudson's FtM Guide - Everything you ever wanted to know about life as a trans man.
Mermaids UK - A UK-based organisation dedicated to improving the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming children.
Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide - Help is available for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.
Transgender Universe - News and current events relevant to the trans community.
TS Roadmap - An extensive collection of information, primarily focused on the US, to do with the practical and legal matters of transition and gender change.
LGBT Youth Scotland - A Scotland-based support and education organisation for LGBT youth.

Education Links

ACLU Guide to US Transgender Student Rights - Know your rights as a trans student in US schools.
Financial Aid for LGBT Students - A directory of financial aid programs for LGBT students in the US

Employment Links

Transgender Job Bank - Employers who post jobs here know and accept that responses will come from transgender candidates.

Financial Links

Need Help Paying Bills - A directory of agencies that may help with paying one or more bills for those in financial need.
Directory of US Federal Housing Benefit Programs - Rent and mortgage assistance programs offered by the US Federal Government.
Single Mothers Grants - Not necessarily aimed at trans women or women in general; contains valuable links to financial aid programs across the United States.
LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Workplace: Laws, Barriers, and Resources

Legal Links

Free Deed Poll - A free resource to put together name change paperwork for UK residents.
Lambda Legal - One of the primary legal organizations fighting for trans equality in the US.
National Center for Lesbian Rights - NCLR has a division dedicated to the transgender fight for equality in the US.
National Center for Transgender Equality - An organization devoted to the advancement of the transgender community towards equality.
Press for Change - A UK-based legal activist group fighting for transgender equality.
Transgender Law and Policy Institute - An organization deeply involved in the press for transgender equality in the US.
US Birth Certificate Changes - information on the legal process for (and possibility of) amending US birth certificates to reflect your correct name and gender.
US Name Changes - information on the legal process for changing your name within the US.

Medical Links

146 Alternatives to Self Harm - Distracting activities you can engage in as a way to avoid injuring yourself.
Afraid of People: A Social Anxiety Documentary - An interesting take on social anxiety.
Alcohol Addiction - Information on alcohol use disorder. BPD Demystified - In-depth information on Borderline Personality DIsorder.
Common Cognitive Distortions - An article devoted to common thinking pitfalls those struggling with mental illness might fall into.
Coping Skills for Borderline Personality Disorder - A page dedicated to coping skills that can help those with BPD have more meaningful interactions with the world around them.
DBT Self-Help - A do-it-yourself guide to the steps involved in dialectical behavioral therapy.
Depression Learning Path - Facts about depression and how to cope when it strikes.
Facts About Low Self-Esteem - Interesting reading on the facts behind low self-confidence.
Free Medical and Dental Camps in the US - Places in the US to receive free medical and dental care for those in financial need.
Four Steps to End a Panic Attack - Stop a panic attack before it takes control.
LGBTQ+ and Substance Abuse - Information on substance use disorders in the LGBTQ+ community.
NIMH: Borderline Personality Disorder - Information on BPD from the US National Institute for Mental Health.
RehabCenter's Free Mental Health and Addiction Resources - A great list of links to resources for those struggling with mental health issues, many types of addiction, or both.
SAFE Alternatives to Self-Injury - Brought to you by the creators of the 1-800-DONTCUT support line.

Transition Links

Los Angeles Crossdressing - News, resources, and tips for crossdressers and trans women.
Feminization Hypnosis - Available as an .mp3 file or in an Android app, this program promises to help feminize your presentation to the world.
My Changing Room - Makeovers, makeunders, and transformations for trans men and women.
En Femme Femininity Consultant for MtF - this service includes makeup and guidance on presenting to the world.

Links for Significant Others

Resources for Partners - a full list of resources for significant others, family, and friends of trans people.