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Trans Unite

Trans Unite is a directory of UK-based support groups for transgender people looking for help and community. They feature support groups operating in all mediums, from those with in-person gatherings to those whose meetings take place online via chat software. Trans Unite is featured because of the unique service they offer in a part of the world where such resources can be hard to come by.


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Suicide Prevention

TransPulse Live Chat - Join our chat room and ask for a crisis moderator if you need to speak with someone urgently.
Trans Lifeline - With toll-free numbers for the US and Canada, trans folks in crisis can call and talk with someone who understands the transgender condition.
The Trevor Project - Aimed at LGBT youth, this site offers a 24-hour talk and text line for youth in crisis.
World Suicide Hotlines - A list of all the world's suicide crisis hotlines.

SoCal Sunrise Recovery Centre - Whilst not specific to Transgender, this article shows the connection between substance abuse and suicide which  provides insight on risk factors, warning signs to look out for, and information on prevention and recovery that's beneficial for anyone struggling, as well as concerned loved ones.
If you need help, please find it wherever you can.


General Links

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The Angels - Transgender news and topics of interest.
Big Brothers Binder Program - A free binder program for trans men in financial need. Conditions apply.
Bullying and LGBT Youth - Important information on stopping the bullying of LGBT youth.
COLAGE - An organization that unites children of LGBT and/or queer parents.
eligibility.com - A free service that aims to help its users better understand US-based benefit programs they may be eligible to receive.
Forge Forward - "Improving the lives of transgender and SOFFA [significant other, family, friends, and ally] individuals since 1994, building strong connections, providing resources, and empowering personal growth."
Fortunate Families - An organization for Catholic parents of LGBT children.
Gender Affirming Care Growing up is hard enough. For children and teenagers who are questioning their gender identity, the task of taking on commonly experienced milestones of adolescence like puberty can be even more distressing.
Gender Identity Research and Education Society - "GIRES is a UK wide organisation whose purpose is to improve the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people of all ages, including those who are non-binary and non-gender."
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association - "Ensuring quality in healthcare for LGBT individuals and healthcare providers since 1981."
Hudson's FtM Guide - Everything you ever wanted to know about life as a trans man.
LGBTI News - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex News
LGBTQ+ Marriage in the United States Note: this is an article by a jeweller, so links to their products. A guide to planning an LGBTQ marriage including a brief history of the many legal barriers that have been broken down and some of the current cultural battles within our own country as well as around the world. LGBTQ marriage has made many positive strides in recent history and has allowed more people to be open and comfortable with their love and relationships and this guide aims to keep LGBTQ couples informed and prepred for their future in marriage.
Mermaids UK - A UK-based organisation dedicated to improving the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming children.
Neutrois - What is Neutrois? NB: Not a secure site.
Out Proud and Healthy Out, Proud and Healthy is a statewide effort to raise awareness of LGBTQ health disparities in Missouri and connect people with resources and community. You deserve to be healthy and we’re here to help! Our goal is to promote better health and quality of life for LGBTQ individuals by striving to eliminate health disparities through access to information, resources, and community. (NB. non-Secure site)
LGBT Rights and Discrimination Statistics A very insightful infographic about LGBT Rights and Discrimination Statistics - how awareness and passed legislation has resulted in the protection and further rights of LGBT people, give an overview of the LGBT youth demographics in the USA.
St. Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church A collection of LGBTQ-affirming Bible passages, and a look at the "clobber passages" in context (spoiler: they don't actually condemn LGBTQ people).
Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide - Help is available for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Transformative Services LLC - Individual therapy and peer/family mentoring for individuals and training/consultation for businesses & agencies regarding gender diversity. Gender specialized therapist, certified gender diversity trainer, and transgender individual.
Transgender Heaven Transgender Heaven is a safe and welcoming place for everyone in the transgender community to make friends and find joy on their journey.
Transgender Partners Raising the awareness of the effect that gender transitioning has on Significant Others, Friends, Families and Allies of Transgender People—especially in the early stages of transition.
Transgender Universe - News and current events relevant to the trans community.
Trans Lifeline rans Lifeline is a grassroots hotline non-profit organization offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis – for the trans community, by the trans community.
TS Roadmap - An extensive collection of information, primarily focused on the US, to do with the practical and legal matters of transition and gender change.
LGBT Youth Scotland - A Scotland-based support and education organisation for LGBT youth.

Grants for Seniors Whilst not specific to Transgender, there are a number of useful links for financial help, mental health and many more topics.



Education Links

ACLU Guide to US Transgender Student Rights -
Know your rights as a trans student in US schools.
Financial Aid for LGBT Students - A directory of financial aid programs for LGBT students in the US
The College Guide for LGBTQ Students - LGBTQ students face a unique set of challenges in college. This guide is focused on helping those students face those challenges and providing them with the resources to do so.
Choosing the right school is vital for every college-bound student, but it
can be more challenging for those who identify as LGBTQ+. In addition to the many obstacles that all students face, it is important that LGBTQ+ students also consider whether the institution has LGBTQ-inclusive policies, programs, and practices to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Ultimate Guide to Resources for LGBTQ+ Students - includes information on LGBTQ-Friendly colleges and communities, scholarships and grants, anti-bullying resources, support groups and helplines and so much more...


Employment Links

Transgender Job Bank - Employers who post jobs here know and accept that responses will come from transgender candidates.


Financial Links

Need Help Paying Bills - A directory of agencies that may help with paying one or more bills for those in financial need.
Directory of US Federal Housing Benefit Programs - Rent and mortgage assistance programs offered by the US Federal Government.
Single Mothers Grants - Not necessarily aimed at trans women or women in general; contains valuable links to financial aid programs across the United States.
LGBTQ+ Discrimination in the Workplace: Laws, Barriers, and Resources


Legal Links

Free Deed Poll - A free resource to put together name change paperwork for UK residents.
Lambda Legal - One of the primary legal organizations fighting for trans equality in the US.
National Center for Lesbian Rights - NCLR has a division dedicated to the transgender fight for equality in the US.
National Center for Transgender Equality - An organization devoted to the advancement of the transgender community towards equality.
Press for Change - A UK-based legal activist group fighting for transgender equality.
Silicon Valley Law Offices, P.C. - SVLO actively welcomes and assists the trans community with family law and estate planning issues. We provide a welcoming trans-positive environment and attorneys who are sensitive to their client's needs and committed to helping them with their legal issues. Based in Mountain View, CA. Michael Pascoe mcp {AT} svlo.com. *Note at the time of adding this info, the website is non-secure and under construction (March 2021).
Transgender Law and Policy Institute - An organization deeply involved in the press for transgender equality in the US.
US Birth Certificate Changes - information on the legal process for (and possibility of) amending US birth certificates to reflect your correct name and gender.
US Name Changes - information on the legal process for changing your name within the US.


Medical Links

Addiction Group Valuable resources for people suffering from substance use disorders (SUDs).
146 Alternatives to Self Harm - Distracting activities you can engage in as a way to avoid injuring yourself.
Afraid of People: A Social Anxiety Documentary - An interesting take on social anxiety.
Bereavement Help Sexual minorities in the United States face a unique set of problems throughout life. Even with the legalization of gay marriage, many people still don't accept members of the LGBTQ+ community. Hence, this presents unique problems for queer people dealing with losing a husband or wife.
Detox Local People in the LGBT community are dying from drug-related deaths, including failed self-detox. Reverse the trend. Detox safely!
Alcohol Addiction - Information on alcohol use disorder.
Alcohol Rehab Help - Drinking too much alcohol can take its toll on daily life, relationships, and work performance. While an occasional drink is acceptable, drinking alcohol excessively can lead to dependence and alcohol use disorder (AUD). Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent alcohol addiction.
BPD Demystified - In-depth information on Borderline Personality DIsorder.
Coastal Detox - help with substance abuse - At Coastal Detox, we offer a variety of programs and services to the LGBTQ community. Our professional staff understands the unique needs of the LGBTQ community. Our dual diagnosis program strives to heal the complete person and facilitate a life of sobriety.
Legacy Healing - Coming of age is hard under practically all circumstances; coming of age and identifying as LGBTQ+ can be even more difficult, especially if the very people who are supposed to protect and love you judge you and treat you differently because of your orientation. The discrimination, abuse, and marginalization that LGBTQ+ young adults face in childhood can carry over well into adulthood in multiple areas of life, including the workplace, the family, the legislative chamber, and even the doctor’s office. Internal and external stressors can lead to serious mental health issues, including suicidal ideations and attempts.
LGBT+ Substance Abuse help
Common Cognitive Distortions - An article devoted to common thinking pitfalls those struggling with mental illness might fall into.
Coping Skills for Borderline Personality Disorder - A page dedicated to coping skills that can help those with BPD have more meaningful interactions with the world around them.
DBT Self-Help - A do-it-yourself guide to the steps involved in dialectical behavioral therapy.
Depression Learning Path - Facts about depression and how to cope when it strikes.
Facts About Low Self-Esteem - Interesting reading on the facts behind low self-confidence.
Free Medical and Dental Camps in the US - Places in the US to receive free medical and dental care for those in financial need.
Four Steps to End a Panic Attack - Stop a panic attack before it takes control.
LGBTQ+ and Substance Abuse - Information on substance use disorders in the LGBTQ+ community.
Why is Substance Abuse High in the LGBTQ Community? - One thing that holds across the world of addiction treatment is that no one individual is the same, and as such, their treatment should reflect that. That being the case, many obstacles stand in the way of one’s recovery.
NIMH: Borderline Personality Disorder - Information on BPD from the US National Institute for Mental Health.
RehabCenter's Free Mental Health and Addiction Resources - A great list of links to resources for those struggling with mental health issues, many types of addiction, or both.
SAFE Alternatives to Self-Injury - Brought to you by the creators of the 1-800-DONTCUT support line.
Sunshine Behavioral Health - Addiction and Mental Health in the Transgender Community
Health Disparities in the LGBTQ+ Community - Learn today about current health issues & disparities within the LGBT community.

WPATH Standards of Care Downloadable booklet.


Transition Links

Crossdresser Heaven
Los Angeles Crossdressing - News, resources, and tips for crossdressers and trans women.
Feminization Hypnosis - Available as an .mp3 file or in an Android app, this program promises to help feminize your presentation to the world.
My Changing Room - Makeovers, makeunders, and transformations for trans men and women.
En Femme Femininity Consultant for MtF - this service includes makeup and guidance on presenting to the world.
Roanyer Chinese Crossdressing supplies and useful articles.


Links for Significant Others

Resources for Partners - a full list of resources for significant others, family, and friends of trans people.